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HI-FILTER system
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Product Description

A world-class patented technology that can help completely collect submicron particles of dusts which are hard to collect, through a technology combining electrostatic dust collector and filter dust collector. The incoming dusts can be mostly collected by the collecting electrodes, reducing the load of dusts on the filter cloths, leading to less frequency of removing dusts from the filter cloths and, subsequently, longer period of life span of them. Due to the characteristic that the electrically charged dusts are concentrated and collected, the efficiency in collecting micro dusts are improved, helpful in preventing the filter cloths from being damaged due to high voltage electrical generation.

Product Feature
- Technology combining electrostatic dust collector and filter dust collector
- Corresponding to the requirements of WTO for dust emission concentration - Elimination of submicron particles
- Micro dusts elimination efficiency is higher than 99.99%
- Less area for installation due to compact space required for installation
- Reduction of installation costs by 30% and maintenance costs by 50% compared with previous methods
- Domestic patent 10-0187520

Product Specification / Models
Depending on the volumes to be processed

Thermal power plant, facilities for producing cement and lime, facilities for petroleum refining/petroleum products manufacturing, metal melting/melting furnaces, and heavy oil firing facilities





HI-FILTER system


Hybrid type dust collector for emitted gas processing sites (thermoelectric power plants, cement factories, etc.) with regulation of total emission (TSP) and minute dust as well as sites with a large amount of high density dust.

Pros compared to products of similar technology of other Korean and global companies


As a system with both the electostatic precipitator (EP) and bag filter converged into one chamber, it is the world best technology only developed in the United States, Germany and the Republic of Korea. We have used only the advantages of the existing EP and bag filter types to create a compact facility to cut down on installation and maintenance costs. It can remove 99.98 percent of PM10 grade minute dust and 99.93 percent of PM2.5 grade minute dust and can guarantee filter speed of 5m/ min, which is five times faster than 1m/min of the existing bag filter equipment. 

Product specifications


300,000 CMH (possible over this after November 2012)

Installation cost

Save by over 30 percent more than existing  EP + bag filter type

Installation space

60 percent of the existing EP + bag filter type

Operation cost

Save by over 30 percent more than the existing EP + bag filter type

Installation cases

Samjung Pulp, Xuanhua Yejin, Dongnam Yazhu, thermoelectric power plants (Seocheon), SsangYong Cement (Yeongwol-gun)


Thermoelectric power plants, cement factories, companies with minute dust and those subject to regulation of total emission.