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Product Description
A high-efficiency system, which can eliminate VOCs through fusion of RTO and CO, multi-bed waste heat regeneration, and catalytic oxidation system, can help reduce the degree of oxidation of the valve box that is essential for building a compact system. The system uses a method for regenerating the waste heat. Materials for catalytic oxidation and heat storage materials are used to form multi layers, allowing VOCs to be eliminated through 2 stages. The systems for waste heat recovery and temperature control are installed to effectively respond to the variation in the concentration of generated VOCs.

Product Feature
- sion of RTO and CO
- lti bed waste heat regeneration – Heat efficiency is higher than 98%
- High efficiency system for removing VOCs through catalytic oxidation system
- Removing efficiency is higher than 97%
- Responding to excessive variation in the concentration – Zeolite (Enriched)+RTO(Oxidized)
- Operation cost saving – Enriched VOCs can be used for operation without using fuel
- Facility cost saving – 40% compared with RCO and RTO/ Domestic paten 10-0588067

Petrochemicals, roads for vehicles, printing and food processing businesses