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Physicochemical treatment / Biological treatment
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Product Description
Physicochemical treatment facility removes contaminants in wastewater existing as inorganic colloidal solid material or solution, by input chemicals and through physicochemical reactions like oxidation, reduction, and coagulatiion. Largely divided by two ways, coagulating sedimentation and coagulating floating method,
usually combined method is used.

Biological treatment removes organic materials existing in drain or waste water that can be dissolved, using microorganism like protozoa, algae, and bacteria. There are unit methods in biological treatment such as activated sludge process, tricking filters, aerobic and anaerobic digestion and oxidation method.

Product Feature
- High efficiency in unit period
- Able to individual treatment by segregated exhaust
- Smaller tank capacity than sedimentation tank
- Through after sales service (1 year)

- Plating, electronics, chemical industry
- Factories all over industries which generates organic and inorganic wastewater
- Pharmacy, beverage, textile, leather and drain water.

Other Information
   Expected effects
  - Physicochemical treatment : Convenient equipment, easy to operate
  - Biological treatment : Organic wastewater treatment Handle massive wastewater treatment