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1. Characteristics Treatment of Offensive Odor by Insoluble Gases,VOC Treatment Facilities Since dust is removing in the absorption tower at first,the clogging phenomenon of the activated carbon is prevented Due to compact facilities .....

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Waste Treatment Equipment

1. Leather Waste Summary : The waste discharged from the leather manufacturing process has a variety of forms. Not only does it have a great deal of Variation in water quality but also it requires a lot of water for treatment. If water is .....

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1. Characteristics Over 99% Removal of sticky Dust Corrosive Dust,High-Temprature Dust and Harmful Gases Minimun Waste Discharge due to Reuse of Circulation Water Easy Maintenance and Management due to Installation of Compact .....

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1. Characteristics Perfect Removal Efficiency of High-Concentration Harmful Gases Semi-Permanent Equipment due to Use of Anti-Corrosive Materials Easy Maintenance and Management Low Installation Cost 2. Applied .....

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Process Improvement Of Molten Zinc Plating

The hood Equipment System of the Bath patented by J-E TECH was applied to capture pollutants generated in the zinc plating process.The main features of this product is to separate the treatment bath and outside air by installing an air-blocking .....

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CY-BAG Filter System

Product Description Evolved CYBAG filter system, which combines the filter-bag dust collector and the front side centrifugal dust collector, is configured in a simpler way compared with the previous 2SET type collector, reducing the initial costs .....

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Product Description A world-class patented technology that can help completely collect submicron particles of dusts which are hard to collect, through a technology combining electrostatic dust collector and filter dust collector. The incoming .....

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Physicochemical Treatment / Biological Treatment

Product Description Physicochemical treatment facility removes contaminants in wastewater existing as inorganic colloidal solid material or solution, by input chemicals and through physicochemical reactions like oxidation, reduction, and .....

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Product Description A filtering system, which handles filtering and dust removing simultaneously at different spaces, can help enhance the dust removing efficiency and prevent possible fires due to pollution substances. The system is a combined type .....

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Product Description A high-efficiency system, which can eliminate VOCs through fusion of RTO and CO, multi-bed waste heat regeneration, and catalytic oxidation system, can help reduce the degree of oxidation of the valve box that is essential for .....

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